Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to buy a copy

To order a copy of Fenced Off, Obscured or Painted Over:

either send a check or money order for $29.99 payable to "Bill Brown"
POB 140041, Brooklyn, NY 11214
(postage will be included).

or visit the website of the book's printer, Lulu
(postage will not be included).


A total of forty-nine full-color photos of the murals in the following community gardens in the LES circa 1997:

-- All People's Garden, 293-295 3rd Street. (The original Christian murals, as well as photos of Ms Olean For, now deceased.)

-- Chico Mendez Mural Garden, 509 East 11th Street. (This garden was destroyed in 1997 and only one of the murals is still visible.)

-- Children's Garden, 194 Avenue B. (The mural is currently completed obscured by foliage.)

-- Earth People 8th Street Casita Garden, East 8th between B and C. (This garden was completely destroyed in 1998 and was part of Eva Cockcroft's "The Lucha Mural Park.")

-- Jardin Bello Amanacer Borincano, 117-121 Avenue C. (Most of this garden was destroyed in 1998. What remains has long been fenced off.)

-- La Plaza Cultural, 632-636 East 9th Street. (Contains other remnants of "The Lucha Mural Park.")

The book also includes a chronology of important events between 1970 and 2010.


The book's cover. Designed by Susan J Hull.